Hayrapet Arakelyan, (saxophone), was born in Yerevan (Armenia) in 1991. Since 1999 Hayrapet studied at Alexander Spendiarian Music School with Prof. A.Manukyan. 2002-2005 he had master classes with Prof. Theodoros Kerkezos (Greece) and Prof. Daniel Gauthier (Germany).
Since 2005 he has entered in the class of Professor Daniel Gauthier at the “Hochschule für Musik” in Cologne.

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  1. Fuzzy Bird Sonata, Sing Bird
  2. Fuzzy Bird Sonata, Fly Bird
  3. Fuzzy Bird Sonata ,Run Bird
  4. H.Tomasi - Ballade
  5. F. Borne - Fantasie Brilliante I
  6. F. Borne - Fantasie Brilliante II
  7. F. Decrueck - Sonate I
  8. F. Decrueck - Sonate II
  9. P.Swerts-Klonos
  10. R. Muczynski - Sonate


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